Pathway to Financial Freedom

Training creates leaders. Leaders create teams and teams create FREEDOM.

Most leaders are not born…they’re made. This only happens by being forged by someone who knows how to lead in something that has real value. Your leadership team has decades of both experience and success. This Team Freedom Training platform has been put together as a starting point for our new and veteran Advisors who are looking to make FreedomPath a career to achieve a great deal of success. Training is the backbone to reaching the highest ranks within FreedomPath providing you with the mindset, skill-set, knowledge, systems, action plans, tools, awareness, motivation and confidence to have a very successful and lucrative career with FreedomPath.

Here you will lay the foundation of your business. From an amateur to a professional…for yourself but not by yourself. You will find the nuts and bolts of what FreedomPath does, how FreedomPath works and why FreedomPath can work for you.

Success starts with having the right mindset, which includes having a positive mental attitude, focus, and just the right thoughts for success. You will gain extensive knowledge on our services and professional sales skills, allowing you to share and sell our membership to individuals and how to acquire corporate accounts to establish an ongoing pipeline for credit restoration sales. You’ll learn how to recruit and develop a team of well-trained Advisors, how to conduct presentations and how to answer questions and objections you may get from potential clients and Advisors You will also learn how we are compensated, how to best structure your team of Advisors, and how to maximize the FreedomPath compensation plan. Our objective is to give each of our Advisors the best chance to earn a solid income and to develop a stable residual income.

Your training foundation will encompass three key ingredients: being excited and passionate about your FreedomPath opportunity, being coachable and paying attention to Advisors who have already achieved a high level of success in our arena and committing and dedicating yourself to a long-term career and never quitting.

It's important to understand that in your FreedomPath business it’s not about what you can do, but what you can duplicate that matters most. You will quickly find out that the Advisors who spend the most time reviewing the information on the platform, watching videos, reviewing, studying and practicing the scripts and simply utilizing the site, will grow the largest teams faster. And who doesn’t want that?

Training is the key for you to have a fast and successful start, develop a solid foundation and it is a prerequisite for anyone looking to achieve personal, financial and business success with FreedomPath! We look forward to meeting you in person soon at our company's annual convention! To your success and God bless!